Survive Any Scenario: Top 10 Tactical Gear Essentials Every Outdoor Explorer Needs


Imagine this: You’re out car camping — staying at a campground or a backcountry spot, but close enough to the amenities of civilisation to provide assistance if you should need it — and you’re enjoying the great outdoors when suddenly the weather changes. Or you get lost on a trail. Or you accidentally cross paths with wildlife. A survival situation you might not have been prepared for. And without the right gear, it might be more of a fight for your life than a simple misadventure. That’s where tactical gear can help.

The Challenge of the Unknown:

Look, we’re not going to pretend that the wilderness is all wildflowers and warm, blue-bird skies — she’s quick to ditch you when your luck runs out. She doesn’t discriminate, either: you’d better be ready no matter what your trail record looks like. With so much information out there, it’s easy to feel like you need to pack everything, or that conventional wisdom is outright spurious. How can you tell what’s right for you?

Tactical Gear: Your Ultimate Survival Companion:

But while their tent, sleeping bag and stove might protect against nature’s worst, they can be ill-prepared for what Mother Nature doesn’t control. Tactical gear is a quiet partner to the outdoor explorer. It provides practicality and agility, offering gear that can transform any trip into a robust adventure, from the high mountain pass to the remote desert. With tactical equipment, you can confidently face a sudden storm or a break-down, ensuring yourself and your party are safeguarded against nature’s unexpected disasters, and every other human one.

Essential Tactical Gear for Outdoor Survival:

1. Multi-Tool: Think Swiss Army knife on steroids. A good multi-tool should be capable of cutting branches, splitting fishing line, fixing gear on the fly.

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2. First Aid Kit: The old scout motto ‘be prepared’ can apply in the terrarium, too. A tiny first aid kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, cotton swabs and pain relievers can be a lifesaver.

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3. Water Hydration / Filtration System: If you don’t have access to a reliable water source, you’ll want a hydration back pack or filtration system on hand that can provide you with clean drinking water for survival.

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4. Fire Starter: Fires to cook on, to warm you around, to signal with, need a reliable fire starter. Waterproof matches, a flint and steel, something you’re confident will help you get a blaze going, regardless of the weather conditions.

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5. Emergency Shelter: When Murphy strikes, shelter can be the difference between survival and not. Pick a lightweight bivy sack or compact tent that’s easy to set up.

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6. Good Directions: No one likes to get lost, but a map, compass and GPS can get you back on track. Pack these tools.

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7. Headlamp: The brighter the sun sets, the darker the afternoon. A hands-free headlamp means you can see what you’re doing ― and see to where you’re headed ― whether you’re pitching camp or hiking back to civilisation.

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8. Emergency Whistle: For an emergency situation, the faster the better. An emergency whistle helps you call for help and warn others of your location.

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9. Compact Food Supply: Energy is important out in the wild, so load up on easy-to-carry, high-energy foods such as trail mix, energy bars, jerky and the like. Use compact durable / sealable containers.

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10. Personal Protection: Although we hope for the best, we should also always expect the worse. Remember to carry personal protection like a pepper spray or bear deterrent, hunting knife etc. to stay safe in the wild.

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Create the best possible cheesy gung-ho voice in your head, and then recite the following list of tactical gear. It may seem obvious, but when it comes to outdoor adventure, you have to be prepared. Pack any of the below and you can think outdoorsy thoughts, because truly, with the right stuff in your pack, there is nothing you can’t do. Go forth and adventurise. You can eat this. You can use this to flash people, if you’re into that kind of thing. A fire portable. You can wear yourself as a San Diego Chargers blanket. You can eat this.

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