How To Make A Doomsday Kit?

Are you prepared for the worst? In the face of uncertain times, it’s never a bad idea to have a doomsday kit ready. Whether it’s a natural disaster or a global crisis, having a kit stocked with essential supplies can be a lifesaver. From food and water to first aid and tools, this article will show you how to create your own doomsday kit, ensuring your peace of mind in even the direst of situations. So, let’s dive into the details of how to make a doomsday kit that will keep you prepared for whatever may come your way.

Food and Water

How To Make A Doomsday Kit?

Canned goods

When preparing for a doomsday scenario, it’s essential to have a sufficient supply of non-perishable food items. Canned goods are a reliable and convenient choice as they have a long shelf life and retain their nutritional value. Stock up on canned vegetables, fruits, and proteins such as canned beans, tuna, and chicken. These items can be easily consumed without the need for cooking or refrigeration, making them ideal for emergency situations. Be sure to regularly rotate your stock to ensure freshness.

Dried food

Dried food is another excellent option for your doomsday kit. They are lightweight, easy to store, and can provide essential nutrients during times of crisis. Consider including dehydrated fruits, vegetables, and meats in your kit. These foods can be rehydrated with water, offering a variety of meal options. Additionally, items like dried soups, pasta, and rice can be stored for an extended period and provide sustenance and comfort in challenging times.

Water storage containers

Water is a vital resource for survival, and it’s essential to have an ample supply in your doomsday kit. Invest in sturdy, food-grade water storage containers that can hold a sufficient amount of water for each member of your family. Aim for at least one gallon of water per person per day. Remember to regularly check and replenish your water supply to ensure its freshness. In addition to storage containers, consider investing in a water purification system to further extend your water resources.

First Aid Supplies

Bandages and gauze

In emergencies, even minor injuries can become significant if left untreated. Therefore, having a well-stocked first aid kit is crucial to address injuries promptly. Include bandages of various sizes, adhesive tape, and sterile gauze pads. These items can help you dress wounds effectively, preventing infections and promoting faster healing.

Antibiotic ointment

Treating wounds properly is essential to avoid complications. Include antibiotic ointment in your doomsday kit to minimize the risk of infection. Applying this ointment to minor cuts, scrapes, and burns can help prevent bacterial growth and facilitate the healing process.

Pain relievers

Pain relievers such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen are vital additions to your first aid kit. In times of emergency, injuries and stress can cause discomfort or pain. These medications can provide temporary relief from headaches, muscle aches, and other minor pains, allowing you to focus on addressing the situation at hand.

Medical tape

Medical tape is an important component of any first aid kit. It is used to secure bandages and dressings, keeping them in place for effective wound healing. Ensure that your doomsday kit includes a roll or two of medical tape to address various injuries.


A pair of sharp scissors is an essential tool in any emergency situation. They can be used to cut bandages, clothing, or other materials. Invest in a sturdy pair of scissors that can withstand the demands of an emergency situation.

How To Make A Doomsday Kit?

Emergency Tools


A reliable flashlight is a must-have tool for any doomsday kit. When power outages occur, a flashlight can provide essential illumination, allowing you to navigate in the dark. Opt for LED flashlights as they offer a longer battery life and are more energy-efficient.


It’s important to have a supply of batteries in different sizes to power your essential devices during emergencies. Check the battery requirements of your flashlight, radios, and other electronics in your doomsday kit. Ensure you have enough batteries to keep these devices running for an extended period.


A multi-tool is a versatile tool that combines several functions in one compact device. It usually includes a knife, screwdriver, pliers, and other tools that can prove invaluable in a survival situation. Having a well-made multi-tool in your doomsday kit can help you tackle various tasks and challenges.

Duct tape

Duct tape is a versatile and durable adhesive that can be a lifesaver in emergency situations. It can be used for temporary repairs, creating makeshift shelters, or securing items together. Make sure to include a roll of duct tape in your doomsday kit for its numerous practical applications.


In some situations, vocal communication may not be possible or effective. A whistle can serve as a crucial tool for alerting others or signaling for help. It’s lightweight, compact, and can carry over longer distances than shouting. Attach a whistle to your doomsday kit and use it when needed.

Warmth and Shelter

Emergency blankets

Emergency blankets, also known as space blankets, are lightweight and highly reflective blankets that can help retain body heat in challenging conditions. They are compact and easy to store, making them ideal for inclusion in your doomsday kit. These blankets can provide essential warmth and protection from the elements, helping you stay comfortable in adverse situations.

Sleeping bags

During emergencies, having a warm and comfortable place to sleep is crucial. Invest in quality sleeping bags that provide insulation and protect against cold temperatures. Look for sleeping bags that are lightweight, waterproof, and have a compact design, ensuring they are easily portable in your doomsday kit.


A tent offers reliable shelter when faced with unpredictable situations. It provides protection from the elements and privacy, allowing you to create a secure space for yourself and your family. Look for a durable, easy-to-set-up tent that can comfortably accommodate everyone in your group.

Hand warmers

In cold environments, hand warmers can provide much-needed comfort and help prevent frostbite. These small, portable packets generate heat when activated and can be placed in pockets or gloves to keep your hands warm. Ensure you have an adequate supply of hand warmers in your doomsday kit to help you stay comfortable in low temperatures.

How To Make A Doomsday Kit?


Two-way radios

During emergencies, communication with others is vital. Two-way radios can be a reliable tool in situations where traditional communication methods are unavailable. Look for radios with a long ranger, good battery life, and durable construction. Ensure that all members of your family have a radio in their doomsday kit to facilitate communication and coordination.

Cell phone with solar charger

While cell phone networks may be unreliable during emergencies, having a charged cell phone can be beneficial for communication if there is reception available. Invest in a solar charger to keep your cell phone powered even when electricity is scarce. A fully charged cell phone paired with a backup communication plan can be a lifeline in critical situations.

Emergency contact list

Compile a comprehensive list of emergency contact numbers, including local authorities, family members, and close friends. Print multiple copies and store them in each doomsday kit. This way, important contact information is readily accessible for quick communication during emergencies.

Hygiene and Sanitation

Toilet paper

Maintaining proper hygiene and sanitation is crucial during emergencies. Toilet paper is an essential item to include in your doomsday kit to ensure comfort and cleanliness. Pack enough toilet paper to last each member of your family for an extended period.

Hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer plays a crucial role in preventing the spread of germs and maintaining good hygiene when access to water and soap is limited. Include small bottles of hand sanitizer in your doomsday kit for regular hand cleaning.

Trash bags

Proper waste disposal is essential for maintaining hygiene and preventing the spread of disease. Pack a significant number of trash bags in your doomsday kit, as they can be used for waste management, makeshift shelters, or protecting valuable items from moisture.

Personal hygiene products

Maintaining personal hygiene can contribute to overall well-being and morale, even in challenging situations. Include items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap, and feminine hygiene products in your doomsday kit. These products can help you stay clean and comfortable, even when faced with limited resources.


Pepper spray

Personal safety should always be a consideration during emergencies. Pepper spray is a non-lethal self-defense tool that can temporarily disable an attacker, giving you an opportunity to escape. Find a compact, easily accessible canister and include it in your doomsday kit for added peace of mind.

Firearm and ammunition

If you are comfortable and legally able to do so, including a firearm and ammunition in your doomsday kit may be a personal choice for self-defense. However, it is essential to receive proper training and follow all laws and regulations regarding firearm ownership and use. Plus, it’s crucial to regularly practice firearm safety.

Self-defense training

Along with self-defense tools, acquiring self-defense skills can significantly enhance your personal safety during emergencies. Consider enrolling in self-defense classes to learn techniques for protecting yourself and your loved ones. These skills can provide you with the confidence and knowledge necessary to handle difficult situations effectively.

Survival Skills

Basic first aid

Even with a well-stocked first aid kit, knowing how to administer basic first aid is essential. Take the time to learn and practice techniques for stopping bleeding, treating burns, and performing CPR. Basic first aid skills can make a significant difference in the outcome of an emergency situation.

Fire making

Fire is a critical resource for warmth, cooking, and even signaling for help. Learning how to start a fire using various methods, such as matches, lighters, or friction-based techniques, can be a valuable survival skill. Practice fire-making techniques before an emergency so that you can confidently start and maintain a fire when needed.

Purifying water

Safe drinking water is essential for survival. Knowing how to purify water from potentially contaminated sources is a vital skill during emergencies. Learn different purification methods such as boiling, using water filters, or chemical treatments. Include the necessary tools and supplies for water purification in your doomsday kit.

Miscellaneous Supplies


In emergencies, access to electronic forms of payment may be limited. It’s advisable to keep some cash in your doomsday kit, including both small and larger denominations. Having cash on hand can be helpful for purchasing supplies, paying for transportation, or obtaining necessary resources during difficult times.


In a doomsday scenario, technology-dependent navigation systems may not be reliable. Including physical maps in your doomsday kit can help you navigate unfamiliar areas, find alternative routes, and identify potential resources or safe zones. Choose maps that cover your region and any areas you may need to travel through.

Important documents

Keep copies of essential documents in your doomsday kit to ensure their safety and accessibility. These documents may include identification cards, passports, birth certificates, insurance policies, and property deeds. Place them in a waterproof and fire-resistant container to protect them from damage.

Entertainment items

During an emergency, maintaining a positive and calm mindset is essential. Include entertainment items in your doomsday kit to provide mental stimulation and a sense of normalcy. Consider including books, playing cards, board games, or other small items that can provide distraction and entertainment during stressful times.

Emergency Plan

Create a family emergency plan

Developing a comprehensive emergency plan is crucial for your family’s safety and well-being. Sit down with your family members and discuss various scenarios, outlining specific actions and responsibilities for each person. Consider factors such as communication methods, meeting points, and emergency contacts.

Designate meeting points

Identify multiple meeting points where your family can gather during emergencies. These locations should be easily accessible and known to all family members. Establish primary and secondary meeting points based on potential evacuation routes or safe zones. This ensures that even if one location is inaccessible, there is an alternative meeting place.

Establish communication protocols

Communication is key in emergencies. Establish communication protocols for your family, including designated channels (such as two-way radios or cell phones) and clear instructions on how and when to reach out to each other. Regularly update and practice these protocols to ensure everyone is familiar with the process.

By following these guidelines and investing time and effort into preparing a comprehensive doomsday kit, you can ensure a higher level of readiness in the face of emergencies. Remember to regularly review and update your supplies, refine your emergency plan, and stay informed about potential risks in your area. Preparation is key, and with these tools and resources, you can increase your chances of survival and well-being should a doomsday scenario ever occur. Stay safe and be prepared!


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